October 1, 2008

Yes, I am a municipal good-luck charm

Ahh, the baseball playoffs begin today. Maybe the NCAA basketball tournament is the one televised sports event I'd rather watch if I were stranded on a desert island (with a TV and a satellite dish), but otherwise, it's hard to top playoff baseball for pressure-packed TV viewing goodness.

Can it be a coincidence that my current and most recent hometowns (and I guess I can count Anaheim as part of Los Angeles, since the Angels do) each has two teams in the postseason? OK, it's probably a coincidence. Still, the only thing better than that is that New York has no teams in the mix. Life is good.

Life is also good because we'll get to see at least one playoff game live and in person - Cubs/Dodgers game 3. If the game fails to excite, I'll pursue my dream of eating one Dodger Dog per inning.*

Speaking of sports, huge shocker that the Olympic folks would find everything was OK with the 10-year-old Chinese gymnasts competing in the Summer Games, wasn't it?

CHAI TEA UPDATE: Yes, folks, I've made it to Day 3 without a Starbucks visit. Thanks for your support during this difficult time.

* I say this before almost every game I attend, and the quest usually dies after the first inning. Turns out they have a nice hummus and veggie plate at Dodger Stadium.


bugs said...

you're wacko. what do you have against new york?! all your relatives live there, aside from us b'more. and i have no comment about your veggie/hummus preference at the game (actually i do have a comment, but not on this public blog). i also plead the 5th about your starbucks $-wasting habit.

Your escalator operator said...

New York: blech. Mets: blech. Yankees: blech x 10.
Other comments: You're such a sweetie.

bugs said...

yea, i get that a lot (being a sweetie), not the blech - altho' i get that too when max spits out foods he chooses not to eat - few & far between, i assure you, but it happens.

JBhumitra said...

in the 3 days you have been absent from starbucks, i have taken your place at the counter. i almost NEVER go to starbucks - i dont drink coffee, and i dont usually like starbucks teas - but 3 days ago i discovered the starbucks protein plate. for $5 you get a hard boiled egg, some grapes, a little cheese, a mini wheat bagel, some apple slices, and peanut butter. i love this plate! granted, i could make my own version for a fifth of the price, but you are really paying for convenience.

Your escalator operator said...

$5 doesn't sound too bad for all of that food. Not saying I'd want to start my day with a hard boiled egg, but it might be fun to throw at a car.

bugs said...

I agree - $5 for anything (except helium balloons, eo) seems like a bargain. enjoy the protein!