October 14, 2008

Surf city, here we come

Next time you see me sitting in front of a computer screen, just typing random crap into the Google search bar, you can rest assured that I'm not wasting time.

I'm making myself smarter.

This news is exactly what lazy, out-of-shape Americans need to hear right now, isn't it?

T-shirt update: Some new inventory (I think that's industry lingo for, um, shirts) went up on my Zazzle.com page last night. Judging by the new designs, I probably need even more brain function than I'm getting right now with all of my web surfing. I know, I'm getting sick of the cross-promotion, too.


bugs said...

i think you should spell grammar (in grammar expert) incorrectly or something funny like that...
GRAMMER EXPERT. or whatever.
maybe it's just me being snarky.

Your escalator operator said...

I was thinking about doing that, too. My next thought was that it's a spelling error, not a grammar error, so it didn't get beyond my quality control people. But maybe I'll do one of each and see if anyone buys either.

JBhumitra said...

these 2 comments bring the LOLs