October 24, 2008

Good news, bad news

Which do you want first?

OK, the bad news.

(Cue John Williams-composed breaking news trumpet fanfare.)
TASTEBUDS HELD HOSTAGE UPDATE: Day 26. The standoff has ended. Your Escalator Operator stumbled into the local (and by "local," I mean one of the six within a quarter mile of where I work) Starbucks and indulged in a hot, sweet and spicy chai latte.

I was enjoying the will power - surviving the excruciating challenge of not succumbing to my chai needs. But after almost four weeks, I remembered that I still had more than $15 left on my Starbucks card, and that money wasn't just going to spend itself. Clearly, in these trying financial times, it would have been foolish - nay, irresponsible - to leave all of that money just sitting there, where it couldn't help stimulate the economy. So in the interest of our greater good, I went for it. Besides, it's Friday. I deserve a treat.

I figure I can get another three and a half chais out of this debit card, and then we'll take it from there.*

OK, now the good news:

SHIRT AND SWEET. Let's hear it, kids. Three new wildly cool t-shirts have been added to the S and J Market lineup. So if you feel the need to show your love for High School Musical but in a cool, tasteful way, or if you appreciate the intricately rendered irony of a good Magritte painting (for men and women!), there's now a shirt that's just for you.

I'm figuring those two options sort of cover both ends of the spectrum.

* Sentence updated/edited thanks to Bugs' eagle-eye proofreading.


bugs said...

see if you can find it w/in the chai latte section.

good luck you researched if tee shirt was masculine or feminine. WHO'S THE GENIUS WHO ALERTED YOU TO THAT?!

yay, baby.
(funny blog, btw)

Your escalator operator said...

Thanks. Fixed. And here it is: You're the genius.

bugs said...