October 27, 2008

Chocolate kisses

One good thing about my name not being clearly identifiable on this blog is that I can just come right out and tell you what movie I saw this weekend.

Culture snobbery aside, you should be psyched about it, because... you get... another all-new installment of... Six-word Movie Reviews!

The movie: High School Musical 3: Senior Year.
The review: Way more entertaining than you'd expect.

(Thank goodness for contractions - that sucker was shaping up to be seven words.)

Probably the best part about the theatergoing experience - and I hesitate to say this because it'll probably sound creepy. But it's not creepy, so just go with it - was seeing it in a theater filled with 12-year-old girls. (Well there were also at least a few parents, one of whom we heard say to another: "So, they suckered you into seeing this, too, huh?") Every time Troy and Gabriella almost kissed, and especially the one time Troy took off his shirt, the theater sounded like the second coming of Beatlemania.

Even better, though, was the audience's reaction after the main characters shared a chocolate-dipped strawberry. Said one of the youngsters: "Ewwwww!" Said another: "It's like they're kissing! With a strawberry."

I know! Soooooooo gross!


bugs said...
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JBhumitra said...

last line - LOL