October 4, 2008

Debate 3

As a rule, I'm not doing posts that merely send you to other blogs. But I'm making an exception in this case because I make the rules here, punk.

Do yourself a favor and check out Ph33r and Loathing's Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart. (The graphic is at the bottom of his Oct. 2 "Moosehunter" post.) It's a little slice of brilliance. Big thanks to GlutenGirl in the D.C. for sending it to me.

Seriously, go look at it. Why? Because she can't name a newspaper or magazine. That's why. (Just in case the flow chart is unclear, here's a full-size version.)

OK, I'm done with posts related to the VP debate. For today, anyway.


GlutenGirl said...

Thanks for the Palin-style shout-out.

bugs said...

That's pretty freakin' hilarious.