October 13, 2008

So would that be a t-shirt sail?

I don't mean to be pushy, but Zazzle.com is having a Columbus Day sale today - everything is 14.92 percent off. (I assume they're serious.)

So if you've been dreaming about picking up a lil' somethin' to show off your snarkiness, your love for Tulsa or Wasilla, or that, um, you're a judge (?), today's your big day. Be sure to enter COLUMBUS2008 in the appropriate place at checkout.

Sorry for the commercial. I just really want to sell some shirts because this is kinda bringing me down. Plus I just couldn't resist the sale-sail pun.


bugs said...

most of us believe that having about 50 tees is enough. but go ahead. knock yourself out. considering you have all that money coming back to you from your old condo...spend away!

bugs said...

okay - even though I GOT THE POINT, tell me how much $ you'd make if someone bought a shirt that you designed. i'm curious. maybe it'll be my next profession - designing tees with smart ass comments on them!

GlutenGirl said...

Because you were so gracious to contribute to my "save the ta-tas" campaing I bought a t-shirt. Thank you for the donation!

bugs said...

what did you buy, sucka!? (that's very sweet of you! and do i want to know about the save the ta-tas?!)

Your escalator operator said...

B (and anyone else who reads this): GG is participating in an American Cancer Society walk to raise money for breast cancer research.

Donate a few bucks to her fundraising effort at http://urlbrief.com/f1ba59.

bugs said...

okay - make me feel like crap, why don't you?!
we donated $ to the susan g. komen walk through mcdonogh school already, but again, thanks for making me feel horrible for mocking GG!!!