October 2, 2008

Taking us for a ride

I know we're plunging into the worst economic blah blah blah and the Palin-Biden throwdown is tonight and the Dodgers beat the Cubs in game of the NLDS yesterday and they just found Steve Fossett's plane.

All newsworthy, I suppose.

But I think U.S. papers are missing what is clearly - clearly, as my sister likes to say - the biggest story in the world today. And thank goodness The Times of Johannesburg was there to bring it to us. Are you ready?

A lion - a freaking lion - rode a horse.

I know you don't believe me, but here's photographic proof. That's right. Now let that sink in for a second.

This is just more evidence that American papers are controlled by an increasingly out-of-touch liberal elite, bent on keeping these important developments from a public that is hungry for details about vital current events.

Also it points out how incredibly cool (for news geeks, at least) this page of the Newseum's web site is. You can check out today's newspaper front pages from all across the U.S. and 62 countries. So if you're dying to know the top story in Sebring, Fla., or Neptune, N.J. - and why wouldn't you be? - you can have at it, in full living color. Go Newseum! (I added that link to the You Should Also Visit sites over there in the right column so you can keep rockin' the headlines for hours, or even days, into the future.)

One other related note. We were watching Jeopardy last night - yeah, save the comments - and they had a little promo for the Newseum, which was fine in general. But the chirpy commentator noted that the architects used glass for the front of the building to "represent the transparency of our media" (not an exact quote, but pretty close).

Which made me think: Yeah, but glass also represents "windows," which I think are a common feature of, um, buildings.


JBhumitra said...
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GlutenGirl said...

I would just like to say that I live right by the newseum so I get to walk by their outdoor display of all the newspapers every day, which is really cool. And then I read headlines outloud to the dog and the homeless people look at me funny. Yes, even they think I'm crazy.

JBhumitra said...

your last line about the windows made me laugh out loud!

im so glad you shared this story with me. you know that no one will appreciate a lion riding a horse picture more than i will. i have several similar photos posted on my fridge for laughs - a little pig standing on a big pig, a yellow lab sitting on an elephant's head. how did it get there? it is interesting that the lion isn't too heavy for the horse, considering how dense a lion's muscle mass is, and how the claws don't go into the horse's back when the lion is trying to grip, since he can't grip with his thighs like a human. i suppose they have a very thick bareback pad? im interested in learning more about this lion/horse partnership, so if you come across anymore info, send it my way. im always entertained by these odd couplings, like the 100 year old giant tortoise that nurtured that 1 year old baby hippo that was orphaned by the tsuanmi. can you imagine being 100 and hanging out with a 1 year old? talk about a generational gap.

Your escalator operator said...

GG: I don't get why they'd look at you funny for that. Strange.

J: I like that you're analyzing the logistics of the lion-horse thing. But don't take away the magic of the circus!

bugs said...

they use glass for windows on building?! that's so rad. i think it's pretty cool that the lion was on the tiger's back or whatever animal was wherever.