October 31, 2008

Extreme niche marketing

Buoyed by S and J Market's latest sale (and largest to date) - my new best friend in Atlanta bought three of these magnificent garments - I hurried our production team to get some new merch into the mix.
What they came up with were these exclusive reissues of concert shirts from one of the great tours of all time.

It will be interesting to find out whether anyone other than me thinks that these are worthy additions to our rapidly growing collection. I hope so. But who knows if there's anyone else out there who finds this wacky blend of world history and pop music iconography to be as entertaining as I do. If not, this exercise could truly redefine the term niche marketing.

Anyway, here, take a look. (Click the images to see how they look on the actual tour tees):

Go buy today - the Market is having a sale - $3 off when you use the code 3OFFZAZZLETS at checkout. That's some well thought-out code, isn't it?


bugs said...

do you have no shame?!
(is that the expression?!)

Your escalator operator said...

That is the expression. Are you asking because I keep blogging about my t-shirt store, S and J Market, which is online at www.zazzle.com/sbinla?
And mentioning all of the great t-shirts and alerting you to the sale prices (through Tuesday)? Is that why you asked me that question?

bugs said...

okay, not only do you have no shame, but you're teetering on being a big LOSER.
i do, however, think you are a creative genius and ANYBODY would be lucky to wear one of your tees. i get comments every time i wear my SNARKY one - mostly about how appropriate it is, but also how cool it is...