October 17, 2008


So, apparently, every 29 years or so, I see Henry Winkler in person.

I walked by the former Fonz the other night at Dodger Stadium - right before watching the Dodgers lose an NLCS game to the Phils - and he seemed very cool, stopping to talk to fans and posing for pictures. He's also shorter than I remember (which I suppose is quite clear in this shot - or else this picture was taken by a very tall photographer who couldn't aim down).

But that could be because the last time I saw him I was in second grade, when I was not the hulking giant I am today. For some reason that I can't remember - but even if I could rembember, I'm not sure I would understand - Winkler was making an appearance at a local public library. Oh, right, it was probably to get kids interested in reading. (Unless I miss my guess, someone almost definitely said something about reading being cooooooool.) I really don't remember anything else about it.

That would have been right in the middle of Happy Days' 11-year run. Which, um: Happy Days was a kick, but it was on for 11 years? Also: Mr. Winkler was a huge star at the time! It's kinda hard to imagine a big sitcom actor doing an event at my local library now (and I live minutes away from Hollywood). Actually, are there even any sitcoms on TV right now, or is it just DWTS and a lot of shows that seem a lot like CSI:?

Henry, if you're reading this: See you in 2037.


JBhumitra said...

i love happy days!

bugs said...

if you EVER bust on DWTS again, ooohhh...there'll be hell to pay! xo just kidding. love you.

Laura said...

Who would have thought, a once in a lifetime experience -- twice! That's crazy cool. My only slightly decent sighting was George Stephanopolous (sp?) at the National Zoo.