December 16, 2008

Then there was music

If more people read this blog, I might be able to legitimately call this post a public service announcement. As it is, maybe it's just a service announcement.

Here's an easy way to help fund what I think is a very worthy cause - and the beauty part is it doesn't cost you a thing. Fidelity, which THE AUTHOR'S NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT FIDELITY FUND PERFORMANCE HAVE BEEN REDACTED FROM THIS SENTENCE*, will donate $1 toward musical instruments in schools for every holiday greeting email you send. So go send a lot of them. Musical instruments for kids = good thing. Fidelity picking up the tab = even better.

It's easy. It's fast. It's free. Click here and then email away. The musical future of our nation may depend on it.

* by the author himself


bugs said...

I sent a few just based on your sending to me. Not even because I am the most loyal blog reader of yours. I would have sent more had I been able to remember people's email addresses v. having to cut/paste them, but maybe I'll get over my laziness and cut/paste for the sake of music!

Your escalator operator said...

Superb! I actually also stopped after a couple because of the whole search/cut/paste nonsense. Ha!