December 14, 2008

The Penn is mightier

I've been looking forward to seeing Milk since I first heard about it months ago, and nothing I read or heard about it since then did anything to diminish the anticipation. So although I knew it boasted a stellar cast, interesting story (which I only vaguely knew about in advance) and great director, I was worried for two reasons: One, I'm often disappointed in highly hyped movies; and two, I'm lactose intolerant.

(Rim shot.)

But I'm glad to tell you that Milk (trailers of many sizes here) is as good as advertised. Without further delay, your Six-word Movie Review:

The film: Milk.
The six-word review: Riveting. Sean Penn for the win.

Aside from the tragic ending, the saddest part of the movie was wondering why 2008 Californians couldn't defeat Proposition 8, the way 1978 Californians in the movie managed to block Proposition 6, which would have made it mandatory to fire gay schoolteachers. I wonder if things would have been different this year if Milk had been released in October, a few weeks before the election, instead of now, a few weeks before Oscar nominations.


bugs said...

you should start protesting now about the release date.
anyway, very insightful.
i'll add it to the ever-growing list of non-animated films i should see in my lifetime.

Your escalator operator said...

In light of the fact that the protests on Prop 8 took place after the election - which I know you knew - that is a most outstanding comment. Perhaps best one ever on the blog. Nice going.

bugs said...

Not to sound too stupid, but why was it such a great comment?
(I'm so smart I don't even realize it!)