December 5, 2008

Into the woods

I'm not sure how you'd review a movie like Defiance in six words.

I can tell you that if you have a chance to see it for free at the supercool Majestic Crest theater in Westwood (an old-fashioned one-screen theater; the interior is even neater than the outside, but I can't find any photos of the auditorium) with screenwriters Ed Zwick and Clayton Frohman doing a post-screening Q&A, well, you should do that. Or you could wait till the late-December release and just see it in a movieplex near you, without the Q&A.

Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, the guy who played Billy Elliot and some kid who doesn't really talk play brothers who lead hundreds of Jews to escape Nazi persecution by hiding out in the forests of Belarussia, and while they're there, repel repeated Nazi attacks. The trailer is here, but - if you haven't seen the trailer yet - consider skipping it. I don't think it spoils any surprises, necessarily, but you might be better off watching the film knowing less in advance about the challenges the group faces.

I'll preface my patented Six-word Movie Review by writing that I thought Defiance was good - the true story is so amazing that the film is certainly worth seeing. But I don't think it was great, and I can't put my finger on exactly why.

The film: Defiance.
The six-word review: Amazing true story; just missing something.

Last thought: This movie took place in a forest; the last movie I saw, Benjamin Button, reminded me of Gump. What are the odds?


bugs said...

I can't remember the last time I saw a movie for me - i.e. not BOLT or MADAGASCAR 2. Must be nice to see like rated R or even PG-13 previews, sit in a dark movie theater with no one crying, screaming, being stupid, etc. Well, I guess those COULD happen in an adult movie setting, but you get my point.

JBhumitra said...

there was this fabulous 1-screen old fashioned theater in dc called the uptown. it had 2 stories of cushiony seats and velvet rope and stuff. i cant remember what movie i saw there (i think i may have seen a couple), but i remember the uptown's historic interior.