December 18, 2008

Maybe they thought the movie was about long-term debt

I'm just saying: Some New York Times copyeditors apparently need to get out more. See a movie once in a while. So, like, they'd know not to lowercase the name of one of the world's best-known film characters or add periods where they don't belong.

Take, for example, this item from the news summary in the print edition of today's Gray Lady. (Everything, including capitalization and punctuation, is how it appeared in the paper.)

The reinvention of the bond film series gave the hope that the Quantum of Solace game would provide something beyond the usual movie-tie-in dreck. Alas, it does not, Seth Schiesel writes, though .007 shoots a lot. PAGE C3


bugs said...

honestly - i can't even follow that paragraph.
but, also, i really didn't appreciate the link to Cisco Adler - didn't need to see his face.

Your escalator operator said...

Strange, it didn't for me. I don't even know who Cisco Adler is. But since customer service is such an important focus for SFTC, I changed to a new, but still just-as-sexy, photo of Pierce.

bugs said...

much better! thanks. really. it brought up cisco like 2-3 separate times i tried.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Looking for his movie reviews of the following:

9.5 weeks
A tale of 2.0 cities
Born on July 4th
Airport 1977

For all the movie buffs out there, I am sure you can figure the problem with these....but that reporter probably cant

Your escalator operator said...

HPA - That is outstanding stuff. Nice going!