December 17, 2008

In which 70% < 60%

I'm not great at math, so maybe I'm missing something here. But I was looking at, about to buy myself some discount gift certificates for two local eateries, when I came to this screen:

See that blue box at the bottom right corner? That's where they break down your gift certificate options. Well, here, take a closer look:

The $10 gift certificate costs only $3. The way I run the numbers, that's 70% off. Not bad. But says the "best value" is the $100 gift certificate, which costs $40. I think that comes out to right around 60% off, which... isn't that less than 70% off?

Maybe they just mean it's the best value for the people who run the web site.

While we're on the topic, if the site lists restaurants near you - the selection is OK but not great for establishments in our area - it can be kind of a handy way to save a few bucks. And they're doing some kind of holiday promotion now, so if you enter the code FROSTY at checkout, the gift certificates are even cheaper. Happy shopping.


bugs said...

you shouldn't give a shout-out to stupid people.
but, i'd just get a few of the $10 ones - rock on.

Your escalator operator said...

1) Normally I agree with that, but "math errors" equals "stuff I can blog about," so there's that...
2) I didn't want to go to that restaurant anyway. Ha.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

At the request of my dear friend Bugs, I am back!!!! I have been adjusting to my new employment and have been negligent in my posting deeepest apologies....thanks for noticing my absence :-)

Now to the post for today.......As a new employee of the State of New York, I have the "best value", its called submitting my dinner bill to the State, its a 100 percent savings!!! Ssssssswwwweeeeettttt!!!!!!!

bugs said...

WELCOME BACK! work?! blah. EO is MUCH more interesting than work!
aren't you becoming a bad example of how our economy is going down the toilet if you are having our already debt-ridden states foot your bill for food?!

Laura said...

I'm a huge fan of this site. We use it all the time for some of our regular restaurants. They're practically giving food away anyway, so I don't know if their math can be trusted. Seriously.