December 19, 2008

In which 57 < 57

Turns out I’m big into using incorrect equations for blog post titles this week. You, the SFTC reader, might find that sort of lame, but hey: You get what you pay for.

The 57 to which our headline refers is the current air temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, in Los Angeles, according to the thermometer that was included for free when I acquired my trusty sidekick, Al.

Now, if I were in the City by the Lake - the town I called home for the better part of 13 years - and the temperature was 57 degrees, I would be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I just might be sitting outside on my balcony, pondering the evils of global warming and, perhaps, deciding what kind of animal to barbecue for dinner.

But I’m not in Chicago, and the imperviousness to cold temperatures that I gained from a dozen-plus years there, preceded by four long winters in Rochester, New York - I was there for four full years; it’s just that it was winter the whole time - well, that imperviousness is all gone. I am now completely... um, maybe... pervious to cold temperatures. Cold, apparently, being anything less than 63 degrees.

So when it’s 57 in L.A., I am most certainly not wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Today, it’s chinos, a long-sleeve shirt, a sweater, and when I’m outdoors, a light jacket. And gloves. (Yes, seriously.) I am decidedly not sunning myself on a deck. And I’m sure as hell not pondering global warming; I’m pondering whether long-johns and wool socks might have been a good call for today.

I’m disappointed. I thought I’d be able to resist the annoying "thinner blood" thing. At least for more than two winters. No such luck.

Oh, and, considering my temperature wussiness, the heater in our apartment picked a really excellent week to give out.


bugs said...

1) rochester was not cold the whole time you were there - that's a blatant exaggeration. it had a warm month or two - i was there, too, lest you forget...
2) you're a big ol' wussy who should move to a heat controlled place in florida that already has a common room with a large flat screen high-def would solve all your problems - well, at least related to temperature and televisions. i won't try to fix all the others on this blog.
gloves?! you admit to that in public?!

Your escalator operator said...

B - I thought you might say that.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Actually, there were many more months of warmth in upstate NY, but they were during the times that many had returned to the Charm City....

July through mid-october are wonderful climatic times in upstate.....and by my math, that is 3.5 months, so there!!!

And yeah like bugs said, you're a big o' wussy who should still move back East so we can toughen you up!!!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

It's amazing how quickly LA makes us into weather wimps. It won't be long before you make excuses not to drive anywhere because it's raining.

Your escalator operator said...

DGB - Yep. One year ago I was mocking the natives. Not anymore.

HPA - You might be exaggerating with the 3 1/2 months estimate. But there must have been a week or two during that stretch when there was sunshine and temps above 45. Maybe.