December 26, 2008

Not quite The Graduate

There's so much cat hair on and in my keyboard, I'm not sure how the thing keeps working. But it does, which means that I can present to you another Six-word Movie Review!

The film: Last Chance Harvey. (Trailer here.)
The six-word review: Willy Loman finds true love. Eh.

(More fun than the movie itself was seeing former Piston-Bull-Laker-Raptor-and-Heat(er?) and three-time NBA champion John Salley at the theater.)


bugs said...

I am so out of touch with pop culture in regards to movies - I haven't even heard of this movie...and your review isn't enticing enough for me to even care!

Your escalator operator said...

If that's the case, I have done my job. It's very much worth skipping.