December 3, 2008


Seeing someone stick it to the man is always fun.

But it's even more fun when the man who's sticking it to the man is the ex-man, in this case Mario Cuomo. New York's popular ex-governor is refusing to pose for an official portrait that's supposed to be hung in some Gallery of Governors in Albany. They're about to hang the painting of his successor, but I guess the space they saved for Cuomo's likeness will remain empty for the foreseeable future.

To which I say: Good call, Mario. Who needs the aggravation? (Besides, the article says, he'd have to pay for the picture himself. I'd back out on that basis alone.)

But voice your choice, America. Hit that Comments link below and tell me what you think.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

They make him pay for his own picture? Really?

bugs said...

Okay - well, I'm for tradition in this case. I agree with you that it's completely ridiculous that he would have to pay for it, but can't he get over whatever issues he has & just sit for a portrait? These days, there are also digital cameras, which could probably snap a photo of him real quick (and not pick up on the stubble on his face from his electric razor) and have the artist work from that.