December 9, 2008

... making O.J. the second-dumbest criminal in the news this week

Sure, this may seem sad, pathetic and hopeless.

But it's also totally awesome that a governor, who knows - and who everyone else knows - is the subject of a years-long investigation for... what was it? oh yeah... corruption gets busted for trying to sell a Senate seat to the highest bidder. Again: While he's under investiagation for doing that kind of thing anyway. It's just that now he's doing it with a Senate seat.

So I think it's incredibly cool that Illinois politicians keep coming up with new ways to break the law. So creative. So entrepreneurial.

I'm just... I'm... speechless? Yes. Impressed? You betcha.

What's the over-under on hours till Blagojevich's resignation? I'll take 18 hours from right now, although the smart money may be on "under."


bugs said...

you should be on the jury for that case -
stupid politicians.

JBhumitra said...
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