December 9, 2008

Duty denied

Oh, yeah, and in case you were wondering, this was how jury duty went yesterday:

8:15... Arrive at court house; wait in line for about 10 minutes to get through metal detector.

8:25... Take a seat in jury waiting room, which is a pretty nice jury waiting room. Two newer computers with free Internet access, a big TV in a separate room, comfy seating. I could get used to this.

9:00... Audio of juror orientation is played over the waiting room p.a. Sounds like it was supposed to be accompanied by video, but there's no video anywhere, so we all stare into space while a disembodied voice tells us how important we jurors are.

10:30... Half of the potential jurors - but not me - are called to a trial.

10:45... The other half are told that nothing else will happen until 1:30, so we're free to take a 2 hour, 45 minute lunch break. Which seems OK.

1:10... Return to jury waiting room 20 minutes early. Not sure why, except that...

1:18... Jury waiting room announcer lady announces about 15 names and tells us that the case we would have heard has been settled, and we're free to leave. Or we can stay until 2 to hear the judge explain what happened.

1:18.01... I decide not to stay until 2 to hear the judge explain what happened.

2:30... Nap.

So there you have it. America's justice system works again. I'm honored to have served. Look forward to doing it again next year.


bugs said...

that's FREAKIN' HILARIOUS. laughed out loud. seriously. you're funny.
so, you have no idea what the case was about or where THE VOICE was coming from?!!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Dude...a nap? Wow. Excellent. All that waiting around really tuckered you out, huh?

Your escalator operator said...

B - sadly, both seem destined to remain mysteries.

DGB - come to think of it, I guess it did! Well, the waiting around plus my two-hour walk through the streets of Santa Monica during the extended lunch break.

JBhumitra said...

this sounds like my jury duty experience. i too was surprised at the comfy chairs. i had stayed up all night before, studying or something, i cant remember, and i was so tired when i got there. but i got a sweet parking spot directly in front of the building, hit no pedestrian traffic, and planted myself in the back row of chairs, and proceeded to sleep from 8am-12pm, when we were dismissed for lunch. the courthouse was only about 15 min from my apt, so i went home, had lunch, came back, took another 1 hr nap, and then every single person got to go home. no trials!

Loree said...

That's pretty awesome. Like you, I actually secretly have an interest in jury duty, but I've never been called.