December 16, 2008

Revolution. Televised.

I might have watched my last commercial.

The dude from the cable company visited this weekend (Me: "Can I get you something to drink?" Him: "Vodka and orange juice sounds good.") and installed one of those magical time-saving, advertising-eradicating DVR things.

Yes, I know you've already had your DVR for many, many years. No matter. I believed him when he told me that within a week, I won't be able to watch TV without it.

Next order of business in my Five-Year Audiovisual Equipment Upgrade Master Plan is to finally acquire the high-def TV that I've been talking about for a little while now. Ah, who am I kidding - I've been talking about it for at least five years. Come to think of it, that's probably how I got the name of the Master Plan.

I've been watching prices, comparing brands, checking out displays at Best Buy and Circuit City (and now Costco) (and now every bar or restaurant we go to that has a flat screen), but one thing I haven't done is buy a damn TV.

Just asking: What's the opposite of an impulse purchase?

I figure I've saved hundreds of dollars watching the prices go down in that time, which also means that I might be able to get a slightly bigger TV than the ones I was considering back during the pre-Miley Cyrus era.

But I think a purchase is imminent. The last real obstacle was that I couldn't get my head around the idea of paying the cable company more money per month for the privilege of getting HD content. But that's now a non-issue because I recently discovered that high-def programming is included - free! - with our monthly service because our building has a bulk deal.

(Which reminds me: When we first moved into this place and had the cable turned on, the installer said, "Wow, you have a great deal, getting cable for free." Which he meant to be nice, but which ticked me off. "Yeah," I told him. "All I have to do is just pay the ridiculous rent to live here and they throw in the cable - for free.")

For the last couple of weeks, I've been in something like "ready to buy in the next few days" mode, but I keep finding more models to consider and hearing that prices will go down even more after Thanksgiving... on December 15... after Christmas... before the Super Bowl. It's gotten to the point that my gorgeous and extremely smart wife - who couldn't care less what kind of TV we have, so long as it's color and picks up Gossip Girl and House - is gently pushing me to buy the thing already. So I can just shut up about it.

I think even Sampson the cat rolled his eyes yesterday when he heard me say the words "Sony Bravia." That's OK - I know he's going to enjoy NFL football even more on the new set.


bugs said...

The opposite of an impulse purchase?!! Lord. It's like a few hundred bucks at this point for a mammoth television, you ridiculous person, you. (that's the nicest thing I could type on a public blog)
I would, however, wait 'til after Christmas. As long as you've waited this long, it's silly to buy BEFORE Christmas!
Funny what you have no issues buying v. what you labor over for years to buy.
More importantly, did you get the cable guy his vodka/o.j.?! YUMMMMMY!

GlutenGirl said...

I've never met your wife but I love her for also being addicted to GG and House.

Loree said...

Gossip Girl is pretty much the best. Only to be rivaled by the glory that is the DVR.

We've had an HD tv for a few years, and to be honest, I really can't tell the difference, although Rob swears by it. And now, of course, he's ready to upgrade to a newer model. Sigh.

bugs said...

There is a difference...Watch football (as to why we got our 42" flat screen/high def/whatever else garbage) and you'll see the mud/chalk marks MUCH MORE CLEARLY.
And, DVR is really truly the best thing ever. You can, for example, program it to tape your soap opera every day and then watch it later SANS COMMERCIALS. I'm just saying...

BUGS said...

p.s. WHERE IS HPA?!! Has he descended into nowhere land now that Obama is our President-Elect?! COME BACK!!!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I have been doing the exact same thing...and driving my wife crazy. I finally picked my TV and was price-watching when the prices went up.

I have two things to tell you.

1) Samsung. They are the leaders in LCD TVs and cheaper than Sony.

2) If you don't mind having the thing delivered, and based on your lack of impulse buying, I'm guessing you don't. You may be able to save a few hundred dollars on your TV.

(Mine's coming on Friday. I can't wait!)