December 27, 2008

Early morning Frost

I waited until 12:16 a.m. to start writing this one, just so I could use that headline. Crazy? Like a fox, baby.

The point is: I owe you another (soon-to-be) famous Six-word Movie Review. It's already been a couple of days since I went to the show to take in Ron Howard's new slapstick comedy, Frost/Nixon (trailers here).

Just kidding about the slapstick thing. But it did make me wonder if, in 35 years or so, we'll get a major motion picture about the buildup to - and fallout from - Katie Couric's groundbreaking CBS interview with Sarah Palin. The can-you-really-not-even-name-a-newspaper-or-magazine? one. Because that might be fun. Wow, I almost made it through December without a Sarah Palin reference. There goes that streak.

The film: Frost/Nixon.
The six-word review: Sheen/Langella are intense/on-target. Entertaining.

Only one real complaint, although it's an issue with the story, not how it was told on film: Thanks to the way Frost came out of the episode - that is, with his reputation enhanced immeasurably - one of the movie's lasting messages seemed to be that if you're a lightweight quasi-journalist, you can succeed just fine if you have a few talented people doing all of your prep work and then you cram for a few hours before a big interview. Which is probably about right.


JBhumitra said...

i am probably going to see frost/nixon tomorrow with my mom - i cannot wait! this is my kind of movie.

now explain to me why foxes are crazy. i have heard this reference used many times before, but dont understand how foxes got this reputation for being so insane. there must be crazier animals out there. foxes seem so calculating, and intelligent. what about baboons? they seem kind of crazy. i hear they are mean too.

Your escalator operator said...

I think you explained the expression - when people use that phrase, they're usually saying someone is actually being smart and sly, like they know what they're doing even if their actions might seem unexpected.

bugs said...

I think that's right about a lot of professions - you surround yourself with good people to make sure you look good/do your job well.
too bad it didn't work for our current president...he surrounded himself with...oh wait! MORONS. a v.p. who shoots other humans is TOTALLY included in that list. so freakin' happy it's almost 1/20/09.