January 12, 2009

Steal your face

In what was perhaps the weirdest news I heard all week:

Apparently, when he's wearing a hat and you look really quickly at him, my grandfather bears a passing resemblance to Bernard Madoff, pictured here.

Thanks a whole bunch for the photo, Kathy Willens/AP Photo and ABCNews.com

Which is either sort of creepy-cool or just extremely creepy, depending on what time of day you ask me. Of course it also means there's an outside chance that - because of genetics and all - I will look like Bernard Madoff by the time I'm 80. But by then, Madoff will be about 115, and probably still in jail, so I don't think anyone will notice.

This all came up the other day when Grandpa was sitting with my aunt in NYC. Where, as you might know, Madoff is a pretty big celebrity these days. So my aunt noticed someone excitedly glancing over in their direction and whispering on his cell phone, "I think it's him!" After she set the guy straight, she asked my grandfather to remove his hat so there would be no further confusion.

I know you'd like to see my grandfather's photo so you could compare for yourself. But I don't want him to be bothered by the paparazzi, so just add a hat and a heart of gold to the photo above, and you're almost there.


bugs said...

Actually, Madoff will probably still be in his penthouse, on "house arrest" at 115, as they still don't see a need to have him jailed (as of this a.m. on CNN - the judge's ruling). Madoff probably paid him, too.
On another note, however, you will always be more handsome than this scumbag, as is our grandfather. And, you'll always be less stupid, arrogant, conniving, pathetic, stupid (did I mention that?) and greedy.

Your escalator operator said...

Thanks. That's very sweet of you.

Stella B said...

Before he lost some weight my dad looked just like Karl Rove. Ewwwwww....

Your escalator operator said...

Hilarious. Although, I wouldn't think it was hilarious if it were my dad, I guess. If nothing else, a good incentive to go on a diet.