January 30, 2009

Five for Friday, round 2

Five for Friday was such a big hit* last time that I thought I'd bring it back for another shot at stardom. Your comments are welcome. I think.

1. I've just been thinking this week that I'd like to check out an event that has circumstance but no pomp. You hardly ever hear about those.

2. This morning, I walked past a former presidential candidate who also happens to be a former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, one General Wesley Clark. You know you're big-time when your actual job title - and not some stupid dot-com-era job title that you invented so it would sound like you're soooo out-of-the-box - has "Supreme" in it.**

3. On the way home from the gym last night - feel the burn, baby - we drove past a black SUV with a bumper sticker that made my seriously ravishing wife start cracking up. Luckily, we were on the 405, so of course we were going about 5 miles per hour and we got a good look at it. It was memorable, because it takes a very special bumper sticker to make my wife burst into laughter, let alone proclaim her intent to affix said bumper sticker to her beloved Jeep. What bumper sticker, you ask, could have possibly had such an effect?

Here's the poster-size version for ya'.

But wait, there's more. As we were pulling into the alley behind our apartment, we looked in the garage next to ours and there was the exact car with the crack-up-inducing bumper sticker. Our neighbors have such a good sense of humor. Or maybe they're proud to be Catholic. Eh, either way.

4. It's too bad Blago is out of office now, because when a serious newspaper can have this much fun writing photo captions about him - this image and description were also on the top of the front page of the national edition of today's Times - well, you want that guy to stick around a little longer. (The caption is great not only because The King is in the background of this image, but because G-Rod loves Elvis and frequently talked about him.)

5. My 10 favorite words from the ex-governor's closing statement yesterday? Since you ask, I'll pick these: "I did a lot of things that were mostly right."

* In the same sense that Renee Zellweger's New in Town flick is going to be a big hit.
** Thanks, MediaEmerging.com, for the list of stupid job titles.


Anonymous said...

I need that bumper sticker.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

I totally burst out laughing at that sticker....however, my ravishing wife seemed to not get the humor when she said, "Thats not Obama" Ummmm, I guess humor is in the eye of the beholder.....

bugs said...

What's so funny about the bumper sticker? I'm missing something - clearly.

PLEASE stop writing about & posting pictures of the man with the bad hair. Really. It's annoying the crap out of me.

your escalator operator said...

B - The joke (or whatever) is that it plays off of a popular poster of Obama, in which the word at the bottom was HOPE. (I'd explain more, but I'm guessing you get that you can spell pope by changing a single letter in hope.) As for the man with the outstanding hair, I can't promise anything. But the management will take your comments into consideration.