January 16, 2009

Five for Friday

To round out the work week, here are five unrelated thoughts, with a minimum of explanation.

1. I don't know how long it'll survive the cola wars, but I have to say: Coke Zero actually isn't too bad. I'm not sure if it has all of the proverbial "cola taste" but it's got most of it.

2. In-n-Out Burger is, to be sure, fun to say the first 18 or 19 times. But their burgers? Vastly, vastly overrated. I'll take Fatburger or Carl's Jr. any day of the week and thrice on Sunday. Shoot,* I'd take McDonald's, Wendy's and BK, for that matter. And I'm glad In-n-Out potatoes are peeled on site and their fries are cooked in non-something-or-other oil. However, I am not glad that they taste like styrofoam. Memo to everyone else in L.A.: Get over it.

3. Neckties are just really stupid. Maybe this has already occurred to you - if not, indulge me and think about it for 20 seconds. What is their point? I say this as a former necktie devotee, and one of the founders of my high school's short-lived Twelfth Grade Tie Club.**

4. I strongly believe that if you listen to this song by the Redwalls, you'll be in a better mood after the song than you are now.

5. Go Ravens.

* Too much?
** I'm somewhat serious, and no, it was not a private school.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

1. Coke Zero rules. I'm especially fond of the Vanilla and Cherry varieties.

2. Up until last year, I'd totally put Fatburger on top of the great So Cal burger wars. However of late, they've changed from these awesome, huge juicy things to pre-formed, smaller but more expensive fast food. I'm a fan of In N Out, but I'm not one of those freaky die hards.

3. I'm really, really, really glad that the only time I have to wear a tie is to temple or a wedding.

4. Never heard these guys before. I dig this song. But for the first half, he totally sounds like Bowie.

5. Go Eagles.

bugs said...

1. ok
2. mcdonalds? that's just disgusting
3. i agree about neckties - not ever having to wear one, but certainly seem unnecessary. you're a BIG LOSER for admitting on your publicly viewed blog that you were part of any tie club.
4. thanks.

Your escalator operator said...

B: I think the Ravens would have won if you didn't type that in all caps. Long live the tie club.

Your escalator operator said...

DGB: I am a big fan of regular vanilla coke, but I had to quit cold turkey after going through a fridge pack every few days back in the day. But vanilla Coke Zero? All bets might be off.