January 26, 2009

Half the battle is... wait, what?

I remember one time in elementary school, an assistant principal yelled at me for failing to show up for an "important" field trip. I think he told me my absence and blatant disregard for something or other made him feel like he had lost a son. Which was probably a little more melodromatic than the situation called for. (It'll take too long to explain and/or remember all of the details, but the short version of the story is that I didn't show up for the bus because I was sitting in detention. Ironic, right?)

Anyway, I'd think that on any list of "important things to show up for," your own gubernatorial impeachment trial would be high on anyone's list. Anyone, apparently, except for G-Rod.

Speaking of lists, if I keep a list of "favorite paragraphs I read in the New York Times in 2009," I'm pretty sure this one is going to be in the running for No. 1:

“Is the governor present?” Justice Fitzgerald asked the packed but silent chamber. No one answered. An ornate wooden desk reserved for the governor or his defense lawyers sat empty. “Is there anyone present on behalf of the governor?” No one spoke.

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bugs said...

he's a freakin' moron who needs to update his hairdo.

but, more importantly,
were you really in detention and missed a field trip? and mom allowed that? what did you do to get in detention? stand on the desk to say the pledge?!
i think the only time i got detention was for chewing gum or something.

Your escalator operator said...

No, the standing-on-the-desk-to-say-the-pledge detention was in middle school. This was in elementary school, and the field trip in question was to the middle school for orientation. I have no idea what I had gotten in trouble for in the first place, but it might have had something to do with "forgetting" to do lots of homework. That's just a guess.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

He's fantastic...if nothing other than the pure entertainment value.

bugs said...

DGB - you mean my brother or "blago" (being fantastic)?
it's amazing, EO, how much crap you got away with (detention aside) considering what little work you did.
i tried to watch blago's interview with larry king last night, but couldn't stand listening to his comparisons to Ghandi, MLK & others...see that? it also interfered with "the bachelor" so i didn't have to pay much attention.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I meant Blago...but I'll extend that to your brother too.

Your escalator operator said...

Oh, you guys!