January 20, 2009

Cajun you can believe in

One strange byproduct of the inauguration are all of the lost tapes - not to mention lost photo essays or college phone-book listings - coming out of the woodwork from Obama's days as a state senator - or west coast college student or east coast college student.

But my favorite entry in the Obama Lost Tape Derby was the one I read about in my latest email from Zagat (which each week gives me updates on LA. restaurants I generally haven't heard of and can't afford).

It turns out the new prez taped an episode of the entertaining Chicago TV show Check, Please! (which each week reviewed Chicago restaurants I generally hadn't heard of but could afford) when he was a state senator way back in... oh, 2001. And, at least according to Zagat, the episode never aired because - their words, not mine - "the producers felt he wasn't 'amateur' enough."

See, it's not easy being a Great Orator.

What I liked even better was that the restaurant Obama chose to review was the Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop in Hyde Park, where I enjoyed all manner of blackened and fried tastiness more than once during my years in the tundra. Hey, maybe I ate with the future prez!

The Chicago public TV station that carries Check, Please made the very sensible decision to air the Obama episode this week. But - assuming this magic link works - you should be able to watch it right here. Oh, you're welcome.

Also, that photosynth thing on CNN's web site is extra-way-super-mind-bogglingly cool. I want one.


bugs said...

1) can't get past the woman's hair (the woman wearing red)
2) takes too long to "buffer" on my computer - can't wait for the 7 minute video
3) look how much hair prez. has lost in 7 years, and the remaining hair how grey it has turned!

Your escalator operator said...

Frankly, I'm not sure you're getting into the spirit of that post. Although, I can't blame you for not wanting to watch a seven-year-old review of a restaurant you'll never go to.

bugs said...

at least i get into the spirit of reading & commenting on your blog. right?! that's gotta count for something.