January 26, 2009

Don't let me down

It would sound like a cliche if I were to write "I can't remember the last new TV show I was actually interested in." But the truth is, I can't remember the last new TV show I was actually interested in.

I guess maybe it was Entourage, but I didn't have HBO when the series started, so by the time I was interested, it wasn't new. And, if you've been following the blog at all (like here, for example), you might get the idea that I really like House, M.D. Which I really really do. But I didn't pick that one up right away either - it wasn't until season two, after my entertainment-savvy and super-gorgeous wife turned me on to it.

That's a pretty amazing failure rate by the people who make TV shows, if you think about it. All of those new programs in the last several seasons - not to mention all of those splashy! edgy! TV ads and bus-stop billboards - and I really couldn't have cared less about any of them.

My point is that I think I'm interested in a new show for the first time in a while. Yes, if tonight's series premiere is any good, I may be seeking a place aboard the Trust Me bandwagon.

It's got your appealing stars, including Tom Cavanagh, who played one of my favorite TV characters of all time and (random fact-that's-probably-interesting-only-to-me alert) who I saw in person in the bowels of Comerica Park* right before the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby in 2005. It's got a promising setting, an ad agency (good) in Chicago (even better). And I don't know how much it matters that the show's producers have a good track record (seems like writers would really be the key), but apparently the show's producers have done The Closer and Nip/Tuck. Neither of which I watch, but I hear they're good.

So if I remember to tune in or set the DVR, I might get you a review later this week. Or view for yourself on TNT, tonight at 10/9 C.

* You're welcome for using the word bowels.


bugs said...

I TOTALLY FORGOT TO SEE IF YOU WERE AWARE OF THIS SHOW, knowing your (unsettling) love for tom cavanagh & all. glad it's on your radar. let me know how it is. i won't be watching it, though, as it interferes with THE BACHELOR, which i am watching again this season, as i'm a complete loser.
i guess i, too, could DVR it, but that would require me to watch yet another t.v. program when i really should be trying to read a book, for example, or stay off the computer....
also, thanks for the bowels reference. i loved it.

Your escalator operator said...

Yeah, that was pretty much for you.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I'm hoping this show's got the goods too. Though until Lost's season is over and BSG is done, I'm kind of all booked up TV-wise.

GlutenGirl said...

OMG. I love Ed! I'm actually an official member of the Ed fan club. Don't know why I just admitted that in public. I also had high hopes for last night's premier but alas was quite disappointed.