January 15, 2009

Looks like I traded up

The palm trees and everything that goes with them tend to convince me that L.A. ain't too bad a place to live.

Having logged 13 years in Chicago, though, I was a pretty big fan of that city, too. I'd tell anyone who asked, and many who didn't, that among the best places to live, no big city on earth could top it. I'm not positive that I was correct - for one thing, I haven't been to every big city on earth - but I do know I was being enthusiastic, which should count for something.

Today, I noticed that the big city's biggest newspaper is running a ticker on its web site showing time elapsed since the temperature went below zero - and that this ticker seems to be going strong toward hour 13. Not sure how well the image will show up, but I put a handsome blue circle around the ticker for you:

Page image was shopped a bit so I could give you the ticker and the Tribune banner without the story about Roland Burris' swearing-in getting in the way.

Also, probably not a good sign when one of the site's top stories runs under the headline: "Why do you live here? 'My wife makes me,' and other excuses."

I'm a loyal person and I still remember Chicago very fondly. But I'm not sure there's any amount of civic pride that makes sub-sub-sub-freezing temperatures feel better. These palm trees are looking better every day.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

I dunno...it gets kinda chilly at night during the winters in LA. I mean, sometimes it dips down to 50 degrees.

Oh the horror.

bugs said...

Being that my mini-van's thermometer read the outside temperature when taking the eldest son to the bus stop at : 7 degrees...I may have to agree that warm weather is enticing right now. The wind chill is below zero. That being said, I prefer seasons...Not warm, hot, very hot, mildly hot, etc.
Anyway, there ARE other reasons to live in cities aside from the temperature, you know...family (sister & nephews, esp.), AFC champ teams, etc.