January 14, 2009

Going to the great Fantasy Island in the sky

God speed, Ricardo Montalban.

This might be a little insensitive, but I'm wondering if the interior of his casket will feature soft Corinthian leather. (The phrase was often mistakenly imitated by comedians - or whoever else imiated Ricardo Montalban - as "rich Corinthian leather," but it turns out the leather was soft, not rich.)

Quick aside: If you click the Corinthian link above, you'll be treated to a video of Montalban in an ad for the 1975 Chrysler Coronado. The actor is great. The car? Well, I know it was 34 years ago, but let's just say that seeing vomit-inducing styling like that, it becomes much easier to understand why American automakers are now begging for help.

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bugs said...

or buying foreign mini-vans.
did you hear that andrew wyeth died, too?! i'm sure a lot of "older than 88 year old" people died of late, but this one is notable to me, so i thought i'd mention on your much read blog.