January 7, 2009

Hold that line!

Way to stand your ground, U.S. Senators!

You really did an awesome job sticking to your guns when it came to your pledges that - I'm paraphrasing a little - "No way in hell!" would someone appointed by Illinois' embattled governor G-Rod be allowed to take over Barack Obama's senate seat.

You dug in your heels. You held news conferences. And you held out for, what was it, about two days after Congress reopened for business? You sure showed that Roland Burris. He might have to wait like a whole week before he gets to change his first name to Senator.

With such steadfast commitment to your beliefs, it is truly amazing that you're not more effective at doing your job - fondling interns. I mean, governing the United States.


bugs said...

harsh. very very harsh.

Your escalator operator said...

What, the fondling part? I was going to write "molesting" but I thought that would have upset too many readers.

bugs said...

the law is the law.
at least they also brought into play "the race card."
all is typical of u.s. politics - however sad that may be.

lovely choice of words, then. nice editing yourself.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

My humble opinion is that over the next few months, you will see much more of this within this party.....while our new President was elected by a populist surge and not necessarily on clearly articulated beliefs, you will find that those who supported him believe that he holds the exact same beliefs that they do. (Liberals, environmentalists, moderates etc.) This link from tomorrows NYT shows an example of this developing....