July 9, 2008

You may enter

If you're not busy at the end of July, this would kind of be a cool sweepstakes to win.

No more to write - I'm jumping over there to put my name in right now.

Other than this: With this rather lame installment, I've made it to 100 posts, exceeding my expectations by about, oh, 98. And somehow or another, you outrageously kind people have teamed up to generate - as of earlier this week - more than 2,500 hits on my blog. I know that's a minuscule number for a blog, but I think it's cool anyway.

Thanks. Now go enter to win that trip. Part of the prize is flying to LAX, which is approximately seven minutes from where I'm sitting right now.


bugs said...

do you think they'd charge for the 1st checked bag?

Your escalator operator said...

Ha! Nice one.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

How about a contest sponsored by YEO for a trip just to LAX!!!!!!