July 24, 2008

Leveling - and I mean LEVELING - the playing field

I thought the fact that the women's champion earns the same prize money as the men's champion at Wimbledon was a landmark achievement for gender equality in athletics.

But this might be a more definitive moment: the WNBA's first... are you ready?... bench-clearing brawl. Punches thrown, takedowns, suspensions, injuries - the works! Nasty rivalry, apparently, between the Los Angeles Sparks and the Detroit Shock. Who knew?

Speaking of shocks, pretty hard to believe this would take place at the Palace of Auburn Hills, isn't it? That kind of thing never happens in the Motor City.


bugs said...

okay - well, i don't have time to watch 9:42 minutes of repeats on ESPN about the bench clearing stupidity, but...hockey still wins in my book in the "sport with the best fights" contest. seriously. no sport can TOUCH it! but thanks. always nice to see well behaved people.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Wow, I had forgotten how truly troubling the original Detroit brawl really was since for the past few years its all been condensed into 10 second blips.

Your escalator operator said...

Bugs - I'm just honored you clicked through to find out that the video was 9:42. That makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

HPA - Yeah, same here. Plus it took a long time after the initial skirmish to build up to Artest punching the fan and the chair-throwing. What a strange episode.

Anonymous said...

That was pretty amazing. An amazingly frightening melee occured at a minor league baseball game in Dayton this week too. I'd put the WNBA stars up against these guys any day:


Your escalator operator said...

Laura - Thanks for the link. I had heard about the Dayton brawl, but didn't know the details. That was a funny article - complete with post-brawl analysis from fans who weren't actually involved!