July 28, 2008

Mad man, for staying up to watch

You can go here to read about why the author of my favorite blog loved loved loved last night's season premiere of Mad Men.

But after staying up past my bedtime in anticipation of the early-60s fabulousness, I personally didn't get what all the hype was about. Now, I haven't seen any of season one, so I might have missed lots of the setup, and if that was the problem: my bad. But if that's all there is, that'll be my first and last viewing of the show the boobtuberati are going gaga over.

For you Maddies, I'll grant you that the acting seemed good enough, the writing was taut, and the whole thing looked cool, well cool-ish. Also, it was nice to see Anne Dudek, last seen as Cutthroat Bitch on TV's best show, House, M.D. (Season premiere September 16!)

Seemed to me the whole point of the exercise was to shock the hell out of us by showing that businessmen in the 60s were (1) men who (2) smoked at every opportunity and (3) drank at every opportunity including... gasp... during work!! and (4) stared at women's butts at every opportunity. Which got old after the first 15 minutes.

Actually, I thought the coolest thing about the hour was the ad for BMW, which presented the show "with limited commercial interruption." In keeping with the theme of the show, it started by having the creator of Beemer's "The Ultimate Driving Machine" tagline talk about how he came up with the phrase, and continued with a retro BMW spot. Very neato.

If you're a Mad viewer, enlighten me.


bugs said...

I'm not a MAD viewer, but I'm interested to know what "past your bedtime" is. And, I like the use of ellipses now CONSTANTLY in your blogs. I get so excited to see what will be on the other side of the ellipses, it's CRAZY!

Loree said...

Despite my total fangirl-dom of the series, I do get what you're saying.

I think much of my enjoyment in last season's premiere results from being able to compare the characters now to the characters at the end of the season last year.

I think that's what I mean when I say that the show rewards loyal viewers...I think if I were just starting to watch last night, I would have been pretty bored. For me, the fun was trying to discern how the characters had changed in the time that had lapsed because this show is not one that points that out or makes it easy to see.

I see all of the sexism and the general caddish atmosphere of Sterling Cooper as sort of ancillary; it's more seeing how Don (and even some of the supporting characters) are evolving (or not evolving) in the midst of all of that.

But, who knows? I mean, you might not have liked it even if you had seen all of last season.

Your escalator operator said...

B - I wasn't complaining about the use of ellipses, just the use of the phrase "wait for it." Sheesh!

L - All fair. But your comment made me sad.

Loree said...

Aw, why? I didn't mean to make you sad. Although I'm kind of pleased if I have some sort of weapon in my arsenal that might prevent people from disagreeing with me because I'll inevitably make them sad. Hmmm...