July 14, 2008

Think they sent a memo?

The publisher of the L.A. Times and the editor of the Chicago Trib both resigned today, which I think is probably connected in some way. (Warning: link includes audio.)

Given all those exciting goings-on, it would be pretty crass for someone to wonder aloud - or on a blog, maybe - whether Tribune Company management specifically asked reporters in L.A. and Chicago to spend some time this weekend digging up some stories about disabled children who'd had things stolen from them.

But I'm kinda wondering: Could it be just a coincidence that I haven't seen any articles like this in recent memory, but ... this story (subhed describing earpiece as "special") spent most of the day as one of the featured articles on the Times home page ... and this one (headline and subhed describing bike as "special") was posted this afternoon as the top story on the Tribune's site?

As Stark might put it: I'm just sayin'.


Loree said...

Nice find!

And I didn't realize I had a catchphrase until this very moment, but, uh, I totally do, right?

Your escalator operator said...

You definitely own that one!

bugs said...

I don't understand about the resignations - even after listening to the seemingly mentally challenged and/or drunk man be mean to some reporter - but the stories about the ear piece and the tricycle being stolen are truly sad. Again, people are awful, just awful. And stupid. Really really stupid.

Few & far between are like you, escalator operator. Few & far between.