July 29, 2008


Well, kids, just felt my first earthquake.

It sort of felt like the floor was rolling under me a little - only lasted about 5 seconds, but I didn't care for it very much. I know we're supposed to get under our desks when that happens, but it didn't occur to me to actually do that until officemate reminded me, by which time the whole thing was over.

Luckily, we have our I-can't-imagine-it'd actually-be-useful employer-supplied earthquake emergency kits. They have boxes of water and, like, flashlights or some crap. And they come in a cute little blue backpack. But I seriously think they're missing something, like helmets.

The details are here, but apparently it was a 5.8 magnitude quake near Chino Hills, which is about 45 miles from here.

Great. Some dude from across the hall just came over and told us about all the seismic activity happening on the Pacific Rim lately. Thanks, jackass.

Well, at least the weather here still rocks.


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Ok, time to come back east......snow and rain doesn't normally knock your house down or kill you.......I am sure Bugs agrees!!!!!!

bugs said...

anyway, seriously, though, dude...your favorite eldest nephew even said "uncle xxxxx (extra "x" for the "y" at the end) should move to baltimore. we don't have earthquakes here!) NOT KIDDING. you don't need helmets for snow or rain (as hpa mentioned)...unless it's a bad hair day with the rain & humidity & all...

JBhumitra said...

i will always take an earthquake over a water disaster. im at risk of tsunamis being right off the coast, but hopefully there is only a slight chance of that happening. hurricanes and tsunamis are the worst (because they are scary and you get wet), tornadoes and fires after that (because they are scary), and then finally earthquakes, which i dont think are that scary, but mostly because ive been in a million having grown up here. my sister used to be able to predit the earthqakes in her dreams a week in advance. cool huh? but since you are an east coaster i should give u a tip in case you dont already know - you should never hang anything heavy over your bed. my mom always told me to put the bed away from the windows and nothing heavy over it in case an earthquake happens while you are sleeping. i didnt wake up for the northridge quake until my family woke me to tell me to go stand in the doorway, so its good to be on the safe side in case you are a heavy sleeper!