July 29, 2008

Come, uh, hover with me

I was all ready to add "jetpack" to my Amazon wish list - even though I've had a Segway on there for about seven years and nobody's bought that for me - but then I read the New York Times article about the latest iteration of the personal flying machine. Eh, not so exciting.

Even less exciting when you watch the 55-second video (a few scrolls down on the left). There are a few seconds when the camera is trained a few feet above the guy's head - presumably he also was waiting for the contraption to get up off the ground more than a few inches. I know they didn't want to kill the reporter who was testing it out, but still - let the thing go a little bit!

Then, it occurred to me: If you have really big news about something other than denim overalls, you're probably not doing your presser in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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bugs said...

no comments other than it was nice talking to you today!xo