September 4, 2008

Not my type(face) of movie

Is it just me, or does this new flick (warning: audio, but there's a "sound off" button at bottom right) seem like sort of a cheap - and three-month-late - faux imitation knock-off of the Sex and the City movie? Apparently, The Women is a remake of some pre-WWII thrill ride, but whatever. If they wanted to avoid the comparisons, they coulda built the story around three women. Or five. Anyway, I reaaaaally don't care; just asking.

What I do find interesting is that I look at the typeface for the movie title and I think the following: Hmph. I wonder how much the makers of alli (sorry, don't know how to make that long-vowel symbol over the "i") paid the movie's producers to use a font that would be a subliminal cue to think about their weight-loss drug. Cause it looks kinda the same to me.


Loree said...

Ha! I actually kind of want to see The Women, although I think it does look sort of terrible. Clearly, quality is not important criteria for me.

JBhumitra said...

it does look like not such a great movie, but i think eva mendes is gorgeous!