September 25, 2008

Intermezzo, international style

Ever have one of those days when you actually have something to write on your blog and that's really mostly what you feel like doing, but for the first time in forever, there's no time because you actually have work to do?

Stay tuned... I'll get my next assault on the English language up here soon.

In the meantime, you might be thrilled (well, moderately interested) and amazed (that is, unless you're watching the Feedjit widget at the bottom right of this page, in which case this information will just be redundant) to read that in the past week, SFTC has welcomed visitors from the U.K. - a place where people are free to refer to their cellphones as "mobiles" - as well as Thailand, Israel and ... could this be possible? ... Canada.

To our readers from abroad: Welcome! What's it like to live in a country with a president who doesn't do crap like this?

To the regulars: Wow, you're part of an international community of people reading very strange musings about insignificant stuff. Big time!


JBhumitra said...

that IS exciting!

when i go abroad for my next vacation i will check SFTC religiously as always, and then it will look like you have even more international visitors. maybe i'll log on from new delhi, and then you can say you have reached the great subcontinent.

PS - did you see that the SF Examiner endorsed Palin? I didn't think anyone in SF was a conservative, go figure.

your escalator operator said...

Yeah, you'll be the first SFTC missionary.

Re Palin endorsement: Eh. If the Chronicle played that song, I'd be shocked and amazed.

bugs said...

I can't believe you accept Canadian readers.