September 9, 2008

Hoosier brother?

So, first I see the headline - "T. Norbu, Dalai Lama’s Brother, Dies at 86" - and I'm thinking: It would be hard enough to have a famous sibling on the order of Bill Clinton, or even, um, Hilary Duff. But your younger brother is the Dalai Lama? That would pretty much suck every time you went home for a visit with mom and dad, wouldn't it? (How many Nobel Peace Prizes did you win this year, junior?)

But no. Turns out this Norbu dude was considered to be a reincarnated saint, so I guess he could hold his own at the family reunion.

I'm also assuming he's the only reincarnated saint ever to have died in Bloomington, Indiana.


ugs said...

I learn something new every time I read your blog

bugs said...

(that was supposed to say "Bugs"

Bugs said...


Your escalator operator said...

U: Glad to be so informative. And way to go on the parentheses. LOL.