September 26, 2008


I've always thought it worked out great - maybe a little too great - that there was a dude named Fuller who started a company that sells brushes, since fuller also works pretty nicely as an adjective for brushes. (Reminds me of a favorite recent line from House, M.D., when someone tells the title character, "I've heard of you," and House replies, "Yeah, it's the name. It's also a noun.")

And you've gotta wonder, what the heck else was Rick Wetzel going to do with his life besides start a pretzel company? (He must have made the decision before spaetzel was the major culinary force that it is today.) All of those other Wetzels out there must be kicking themselves for not getting into the flavored rolled-dough business, right?

What does this have to do with anything? Reading this New York Times article about the closure of Detroit's police crime lab - ah, shouldn't be a problem in a city like Detroit - I came across a quote from the city's former police chief, whose name is Ella Bully-Cummings. And I'm thinking that maybe she'd have been wise to just go by Ella Cummings. Hyphenated or not, if your name has "Bully" anywhere in it, maybe you find a line of work other than law enforcement.


Loree said...

This only related to an aside in your post, but I thought you should know I've finally started watching House. As if I'm not busy enough or something.

Your escalator operator said...

Sweet! Welcome aboard. Glad you're starting now instead of last season, which was a little (too) strange. If you want to see the show at its best, get yourself seasons 1 and 2. Tasty.

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