September 17, 2008

Is that some kind of caribou joke?

Cindy McCain, I'm a little worried about you.

This is a colorful quote and all (and, I guess, a good post-hunting reference), but there are still six weeks left to go until election day, and your nerves are apparently shot after spending a few minutes on the couch answering extremely predictable questions from the mostly non-journalists on The View (Ahhhh. I'm mentioning ... The View ... on my blog). That was supposed to be the easy part.

Are you going to be OK for the rest of this campaign thingy?

(Thanks for the graphic,


bugs said...

I'm sure Elisabeth Hasselback (spelling?!) came to their defense & tried to put some meat back on Mrs. McCain's bones - she certainly needs it!
But yea, if she can't handle the women on The View, good luck! Hopefully in 48 days, it won't be an issue.

Your escalator operator said...

Ha! I was thinking the same thing about Hasselbeck.