March 16, 2009

Octopus is the new black

Just months ago, it looked like the '00s were on their way to being the Decade of the Pirate. Pirates were showing up in the news - and on blogs - like they were going out of style. (Which, I think they actually have.)

But I might have called it too early. It now seems that we're living in the Decade of the Octopus. First, there was this story about a wacky coleoid who basically outsmarted the people who designed his tank. Now comes news that another octopus - I'm guessing a close relative of the other one - wedged himself inside his own acrylic lunch box, before, um, wedging himself out. All to the amusement of amazed staff and seafood fans at the New England Aquarium.

Sorry, I mean sea creatures. I keep calling them seafood.

Anyway, it could be that octopi are showing up in the news more lately because they're routinely doing newsworthy things owing to enormous gains in intelligence and motor skills. Or, and I think this is perhaps the more likely scenario, it could be that the 27 print journalists left in the U.S. are unable to adequately cover anything resembling real news and, as a result, have resorted to writing mostly about marine life in captivity.

We all thought she was crazy-go-nuts, but if this really does turn out to be the Octopus Decade, maybe that Octomom was on to something after all.


JBhumitra said...

this is the best title you have ever written ever - made me laugh out loud

Your escalator operator said...

Thanks! I was thinking about "Octopus is the new pirate," too, but that probably would have been a little too far out there.