March 12, 2009

Crazy like a doorknob

I can picture the geniuses who came up with the plan for municipalities to resell federal stimulus checks at low, low prices: They're sitting in a darkened room, with one of them - barely visible to the others except for the cigar in his mouth - softly patting his hands together in front of his face. He's saying to the others: "You know, it's crazy enough, it just might work."

Seems sort of like throwing a life vest to someone who's about to drown and then watching them sell off the styrofoam innards to a company that ... buys styrofoam? I don't know - that's where the analogy starts to fall apart.

But it's too bad Congress put the kibosh on that idea. Because if there's one thing that would get us out of this economic mess, I think that one thing would be inventing a secondary market for government bailout money.


bugs said...

i'm too confused to respond.

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