March 24, 2009

Catching on

If you're even remotely paying attention, you've seen that there are a few ads on this rather handsome blog page. Google puts them up there, in exchange for offering me the remote hope that at some point - and at the current pace, that point would be in 2014 - I'll get a check for my first 100 bucks of ad revenue.

I already know what I'm going to buy with it: A soy chai latte. Think I'll be able to get a grande for under $100 in five years?

I'm not sure that I read my "agreement" with Google (like, if I'd actually read the agreement, I might have tried to negotiate a few of the finer points with them), but I think it says I'm not allowed to overtly encourage you to click on any of the ads. But you're smart, you can see where I'm going with that train of thought, right? Also, I don't think I'm allowed to click on any of the ads myself, because I'd be lining my own pockets with Google's hard-earned cash, and that would obviously be unfair to them, because they've worked so hard on writing and publicizing my blog.

In any case, I noticed today that one of the ads - when I was looking, it was about halfway down on the right side - is a bright, colorful graphic that reads, "WhatIsTheNewBlack.TV."

To which I had two responses:
1) I'm glad to see that the title of my recent post about the Octopus Decade is catching on in such a big way. Savvy online marketers are obviously tapping into the hype, and it's clear that SFTC was ground zero for this wave of hackneyed "the new black" metaphors.

2) I'm curious as heck about what kind of fascinating content must be on the web site that's advertised in that colorful ad. And yet, I don't want to click on it myself (for fear of disrupting my close personal partnership with Google), and I wouldn't encourage you to do so (at least not overtly). But if you do, leave me the info in the comments below, alright?

This isn't even remotely related, but I also decided I'm going to stop saying "No worries" as a substitute for "It's alright" or "No problem." The phrase seemed sort of cool in an appealingly laid-back kind of way the first time I started hearing it regularly, back around 2000. But I've had enough.


bugs said...

I would TOTALLY help you, but that's not the ad GOOGLE is currently running.
And, I think I should be mentioned in this blog, as I probably earned you like $.25 in ad revenue clicking crap.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Yeah...not here for me either. But I'll give you a click or two anyway.

Your escalator operator said...

B and DGB - You're the greatest. I kind of figured that would happen.

JBhumitra said...

"" is not nearly as interesting as the link entitled "octopus jewelry."

Anonymous said...

ya that link is really really dumb. don't click on it; waste of time.