March 13, 2009

Second degree Bern

The Daily Show fans among you probably caught Jon Stewart's conversation with Mad Money host Jim Cramer last night. I didn't, on account of being asleep, but I'll punch it up online later today. (Free video is here; the New York Times news coverage is here and blog report is here.)

Before Cramer came on, though, Stewart recapped the news about old man Madoff getting his bad self locked up. The host offered what should go down in history as the funniest two-sentence analysis we'll ever hear about the whole mess.

Said Stewart: "Madoff’s 4,000 victims include Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, as well as actor Kevin Bacon. So if Madoff has accomplished nothing else, he has now connected Kevin Bacon to Hitler in only two degrees."


bugs said...

that Jon Stewart - he's a witty guy

Daddy Geek Boy said...

If Jon Stewart weren't so dammed funny and insightful, I'd be more upset about my wife calling him "her boyfriend" all of the time.

JBhumitra said...

jon stewart - he's so clever