November 18, 2008

The iPatch

Have I just not been paying attention for the last few decades, or am I right that until 2008, we had mostly gone for years and years without news coverage of pirates?

For weeks, we've been reading one story after another - including today's latest - about pirates doing pirate-y things on the high seas. Aaargh! It seems totally anachronistic, doesn't it? Next thing you know, we're going to read news articles about the new age of blacksmithing. Or a return to glory for telegram operators.

I'm guessing the prevalence of pirates in pop culture has played a major role in their resurgence. So, who you think modern-day buccaneers model themselves after: this guy or this one?


bugs said...

You haven't been paying attention to the news. There are (infrequently) stories that pop up (on CNN, of course) about pirates and looting and all...I'm probably as stunned/mesmerized as you are that this happens, but it does. Weird stuff. What a world.
Also, I hope the pirates look like the latter of your choices.

Your escalator operator said...

Yes, let's hope so.