November 3, 2008

And now a word from (me about) our sponsors

Just so it's clear, I have nothing to do with what ads Google serves on this blog. So if you're reading this item on November 3 or November 4, and if there's a "Yes on Prop 8" ad over there underneath the escalator image, it's Google's fault.

While I'm at it: Vote for whoever you want for president. But if you're planning to vote yes on Prop 8, you can get off my blog right now. If you live in California, please, please, Please vote NO on Proposition 8.

I assume the ad will be gone after tomorrow and this blog will be a better place for it. When that happens, be sure to click on whatever ad is there so I can make some money off of this thing! On the other hand, if you click the Yes on 8 ad, maybe it'll cost those morons some money. Now there's a thought.

OK, so the plan is this: Click on the ad, but do not under any circumstances cast your vote for this unfair and discriminatory proposition.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Amen, brother. Amen.

bugs said...

I gathered you weren't responsible for the ads on your blog, as there are a lot of tee-shirt companies that advertise there & it seems a big CONFLICT OF INTEREST in your ZAZZLE.COM fabulous tee business to promote other businesses. But, nice to alert your 4 readers (it was 3, but daddy geek boy is really likin' your stuff, i guess) to your non-affiliation with the google ads.

bugs said...

p.s. i just clicked on the google ad promoting 35 pounds of weight loss fast. not that i need it (that'd be a little sick, even for me) but i thought it hilarious. will google put anything on their website for a little $?