November 26, 2008

Goin' on a little tryp(tophan)

So I'm back home for Thanksgiving and I've decided that ice-cold temperatures - which, now that my blood is L.A.-thinned, seems to mean anything below 52 - aren't conducive to blogging.

Or maybe I have less time to write since each day I'm here, I eat for approximately 10 of the 16 hours I'm awake.

Other than calorie-loading and freezing my ass off, one of the interesting experiences of the journey so far was being diagnosed with "common migraines." They probably mean common in the sense that it's the same headache every other migraine sufferer gets, but it also works nicely since I get them commonly enough to be really annoying. The good doc said that I'm susceptible to headaches because I have a sensitive brain, a phrase that I repeated to my wife and parents about 1,659 times in the two hours after leaving the hospital.

Which probably gave each of them a pretty distinct headache of their own.

The doctor was fantastic - he spent tons of time with us and answered every question we could think of. But he's a headache specialist whose office is located in a pediatric clinic - i.e., lots of screaming kinds running around and screaming and running and screaming. Kind of like having a tire store located at the intersection of Pothole Blvd. and Broken Glass Way.

I may try to post again before we return to more sensible temperatures, but if not - in the spirit of the holiday - thank you again for reading, and I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving desserts as much as I'm going to enjoy mine.


JBhumitra said...

i love this post. the title is very clever. also the part about pothole blvd. and broken glass way. i too have been getting a lot of headaches lately, but i dont think it is because i have a sensitive brain. i think its because i am sleep deprived! (and maybe had the wrong eyeglass least in the right left eye hasnt changed in 3 years...i just went to the optometrist!)

bugs said...

sensitive brain still cracks me up - mostly b/c you have to have a brain in the 1st place.
also, would like to comment on the fact that your parents' house being below freezing really should make your little fingers type faster, in the hopes of warming up?!
and you are such a HYPOCHONDRIAC. migraines?! just drink more alcohol and move away from all the earthquakes, which could be shaking your sensitive brain.