November 4, 2008

Out, damned spots

Depending on the results of the actual voting, I believe the third or fourth best news at the end of the day will be that we don't have to watch election ads anymore for a year or two or four. That's change I can believe in.

(Although I recognize the next sonic annoyance, wall-to-wall Christmas music, is just around the corner. Nothing my little friend can't take care of, though.)

An email from my dad this morning contained the best phrase I've heard in a while. In reference to the election, he wrote that today's events would be "kind of filling in the crevices of uncertainty for a day or two." With a tweak or two, I thought it could be the basis for the title of the next Bond movie.

Lines at the polls in our NOTW were running about 90 minutes long for those who showed up at 7 a.m. How about in your neighborhood?


bugs said...

1) dad emailed you? wow. he didn't email me. surprise.
2) i waited in line for about 45 minutes (which seemed like 3 hours) with child #2 who wanted to have NOTHING TO DO WITH SITTING IN HIS STROLLER, being quiet, acting appropriate or the like. oh my goodness! i always felt bad for 'those moms' who had ill-behaved children out doing errands. now i am one of those moms. lucky me. I EVEN WENT AT AN OFF TIME. seems that only my normally perfect 1-year old was "off."

GlutenGirl said...

I waited in line for 5 minutes and heard the guy in front of me say the line hadn't moved in 45 minutes so I left, went to work, went back at 4:00 and was in and out in 7 minutes. Yes, 7 minutes. I timed it.

bugs said...

lovely. thanks for sharing. sure it wasn't 6.5 minutes?!

Your escalator operator said...

Mine was no wait - voted by mail two weeks in advance!!
B - A little jealous, maybe?
GG - I'm impressed.