November 19, 2008

Shockingly predictable

Two news items I saw today just knocked my socks off. I mean I was just shocked that those once-in-a-generation geniuses in charge of our awesome pickup-truck-and-SUV manufacturers would do this and not realize it might be incredibly bad p.r.

I was equally blown away that Don't-Call-Me-Pacman Jones, the NFL's version of Steve Howe - that might be a bad and/or morbid analogy, but I'm referring to Howe's repeated reinstatements, not his prodigious and ultimately fatal drug use - would be given yet another chance to suit up and play pro football.

But life is filled with surprises, ain't it?


Daddy Geek Boy said...

I'm willing to bet if any one of those guys would have stood up and said, "I"m flying home commercial" they would have instantly gotten that money...and maybe a whole bunch of new customers too.

I'll be thinking about that when I'm crammed into the stiff coach seats flying with a toddler and an infant across the country next week.

Anonymous said...

when did the Cowboys become the halfway house for the crazy players? TO, Tank Johnson, now Pacman too? I guess the only surprise is that the Bengals didn't try to bring him here.

Your escalator operator said...

DGB - Good call on the slight difference in transportation options. I'll experience in first-hand (and not first-class) on Saturday as well.

SB - Nice point about the Bengals. That cracked me up.